Mar Rio

For almost 40 years the Mar Rio brand has been sharing and its passion for fashion. This especially concerns beachwear. Over this time, it has been a part of incredible moments in the lives of thousands of people, bringing a touch of great style and excellent quality in its products, with designs that value and flatter the beauty of all the Brazilian women.

The brand has been spreading its “Brazilianness” all over the world. This is the trajectory that was chosen decades ago and successfully been followed ever since. Marrio bikinis and swimsuits are worn by the most demanding women in the USA and many European countries.

The new 2020 collection is rocking! It brings a look inspired by various cultural mixes. These new creations will make you look beautiful and trendy anywhere in the world.

The customers have been showing a lot of trust and appreciation to Marrio beachwear. This is the best motivation and incentive for all the Marrio designers to do the excellent work and to beat their own success and creativity year by year.


SWIM55 distribute Mar Rio in the following countries:

France, Greece, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Monaco, Reunion, French Polynesia, French Caledonia, Mayotte.

Catalog 2020

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Following the new trend of observing what was not observed, aiming at what is deep and not only superficial, the Mar Rio brand brought to fashion what the world will do in 2020 and often does not even realize. Mix!

The 2020 Summer collection reflects in its essence the contact with nature in a rustic and sophisticated environment, which promotes a minimalist lifestyle versed in exclusive prints that reflect the biggest trends in Brazil and in the world.

As a result, this glamorous collection includes a variety of styles, ensuring an international look that you can use anywhere in the world. Mar Rio Summer 2020 is the perfect collection mixing all styles.