Empress Brasil creates luxurious swimwear and beachwear.

Brazilian design and sophistication are the characteristics of the summer with Empress. The collections are always full of new arrivals inspired by the Brazilian summer. Inspired by the worldwide beachwear trends, the brand is still “bossa”.

The pieces convey Catherine's personality: striking, strong and independent in essence. The models are decorated with exclusive summer prints, metals blended with knits and fine fabrics. The cuts flatter and value the best features in every woman.

Catherine Maaskant is the essence of the Empress Brazil brand. 8 years ago she founded the brand that has grown to be an international brand nowadays. Catherine is the daughter of a Brazilian mother and a Dutch father and has lived most of her life in the Netherlands. She graduated in aerospace engineering but decided to achieve her dream of being a fashion entrepreneur, and that's how Empress Brasil was born.


SWIM55 distribute EMPRESS in the following countries:

France, Monaco and Overseas Territories (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Saint Barth, Reunion, French Polynesia, French Caledonia, Mayotte, Guyane...)


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Catherine says: “When I started I had no experience in beachwear, but I'm a fast learner and a hard worker. I designed the first collection and as soon as it was released it was a success! It ended up in several magazines and it let us grow. Today I design all the prints, many details are unique as well. I love staying in my São Paulo studio creating things - drawing, designing, etc. It seems that in the midst of fabrics and hardware elements the inspiration explodes! ”

Today Catherine lives in New York and travels a lot between the US and Brazil to take care of the company. “I take a lot of inspiration from NY. The city never stops and people are focused on success. I identify myself a lot with its work mentality! Moreover NY is a fashion capital of the world. I always go to fashion-oriented events and do deep research to make my creations. ”