Despi's first collection was launched in September 2007 in Lyon, France, at the prestigious “Mode City” salon.

From the beginning, the idea was to create a 100% Brazilian beachwear fashion, which lavished sensuality and femininity, but with some international touch that brought women from all over the world to “Brazilianness”.

Despina Filios, the designer, has strong European roots, her 4 grandparents come from 4 different countries on the continent. Born in Argentina, she migrated to Brazil where she studied economics and fashion design in Rio de Janeiro. She inherited from his father, a Greek merchant, his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the carioca lifestyle. She decided to show the world pieces that encapsulated the energy and celebration to life of the endless summers of the wonderful city.

The genuineness of the proposal was quickly understood by the market. Cultural diversity, coupled with the sensual experience of her first collection, resulted in the cover of Victoria's Secret catalog with Marisa Muller in 2007. Inside, already on the front page, would also appear, the “Ilhabela” bikini worn Alessandra Ambrosio that would end up selling more than 70 thousand pieces, a record that no other brand has ever reached, until that moment!

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France, Reunion Island, French Polynesia, French Caledonia, Mayotte and Monaco


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In the words of the Designer: When I am asked how it all began, rather than thinking on the millions of circumstances that lead to the stylist profession and entrepreneurial career, my first recollection always leads me to my first contact with color and the idea of fashion and female beauty in my childhood.

I remember my first day of school, not wanting to go to the playground and without much interest in playing dolls, I was using my pens and crayons to draw them. I think at 6 years old I wanted my dream doll, which I didn't find in stores, so I wanted to produce one…

I imagine this is the classic story of many designers, but my drawings are my passion, and to this day I don't draw anything that would not express me…