Who is a Carioca? This is an inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Blueman - the brand reflecting Rio de Janeiro lifestyle and fashion is irreverent, relaxed, colorful, comfortable and charming. It brings the vibe of fun, holidays and joy. That's the spirit of the brand, represented by creative director Sharon Azulay, David's daughter.

Blueman was created by David Azulay in 1972 and managed by him until 2009. The brand has been present on the beaches for than 40 years and never failed to follow its creator's main ideology of “being a Brazilian and Ipanema brand”. David Azulay, considered by many to be the “father” of beachwear in Brazil, launched numerous innovations in the beachwear market, which used to have no impact in fashion, turning Blue Man into a national and international beachwear benchmark.

In 2011, at the age of 19, when he inherited Blue Man's general management, he used his intuition and Carioca DNA to call his cousin Thomaz Azulay to take on the responsibility of the brand's style. The working duo proved to be powerful, featuring memorable fashion shows and expanding the brand's mix with dozens of clothing and accessory options. In 2014, Sharon became the brand’s Creative Director being accompanied by a team of talented designers.

As the heiress of the powerful Azulay DNA, Sharon has her own contribution to make: investing in the brand's lifestyle with new lines like Home and Fitness. “Blue Man wearers love the irreverent, laid-back, relaxed world we represent. It is wonderful to be associated with so many good things; I want to increase this experience for those who like the brand ”- concludes Sharon Azulay.


 SWIM55 distribute Blue Man in the following countries: 

France, Monaco and French Overseas Territories (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Saint Barth, Reunion, French Polynesia, French Caledonia, Mayotte, Guyane, Saint Pierre and Miquelon...).

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With its' wildly impressive heritage, the Blue Man brand has managed to stay on top of the beachwear fashion market for a very long time. Their iconic and flattering designs are impressive and original and always look outstanding at the beach, poolside, or wherever your holiday's destination is. Blue Man's designs set swimwear trends all over the world. The brand has its own innovative team of creative designers; not following any general streams they invent unique beachwear clothing that inspire the rest of the world. The Blue Man designs are widely appreciated and desired, making the brand one of the top brands in the industry.